FRANCO™ garden smokers were created with the true taste of smoked food, comfort and convenience of use and a passion for smoking in mind.

We focus on the traditional taste of smoked foods, That’s why we combined easy-to-use, modern technology with the tried-and-true method of smoking with wood chips, which has been known for centuries. Thanks to the solutions that the professional FRANCO™ smokehouse is equipped with, you are guaranteed a stable temperature, which is crucial during smoking. The combination of tradition and modernity gives great satisfaction from the creation and a sense of security and confidence in the repeatability of products.

FRANCO™ garden smokehouses are all about convenience of use. Thanks to the use of innovative and patented technologies, smoking is easy and enjoyable. The electric smokehouse is intuitive to use, and the whole process requires little involvement. The smokehouse smokes with virtually no interference, so you have plenty of time to yourself.

Passion for smoking, she was behind the creation of the professional smokehouse that we are proud to present to you. Each part is made of the highest quality materials, which in addition to meeting higher than the standards, allow trouble-free use of the smokehouse for a long time.

FRANCO™ home electric smokers, is attention to every detail – from reliable, modern equipment – to giving support at every stage of your adventure with FASANiO®.


For several years now, we have been observing with unconcealed joy the growing interest in home food production. Homemade breads, preserves, and smoked meats are just part of the ‘slow’ living trend. As fans of all homemade products, especially smoked foods with rooted hunting traditions, we subscribe to this trend and believe it is becoming a lifestyle for more and more people.


Thanks to the increased awareness of all of us as consumers, we pay more and more attention to the products we buy and their ingredients, putting emphasis on buying healthy products. Self-made smoked meats have a simple and familiar composition. We ourselves can decide on the quality of meats that we give to ourselves and our loved ones.

Exclusive design

While designing FRANCO™ smokehouses we were interested not only in functionality, safety and innovative solutions but also in aesthetic sense. The stainless steel smokehouse combined with an elegant wooden accent makes the patented design of the smokehouse fit perfectly into both traditional and modern terrace or garden arrangements.

What distinguishes fasanio® smokehouses

Possibility to personalize the smokehouse

If you want to finish your smokehouse by changing the type of wood, match it to your terrace or make any other aesthetic or technical changes – we are at your disposal.

Nothing is impossible for our team of designers – we will certainly find a solution together that will satisfy you.

traditional smoking with wood chips

Wood smoking is a tried and tested method that has been used for thousands of years. It is in the wood chips that the magic of smoking lies, or rather its final effect – the taste, smell, and appearance of smoked meats. The hearth in FRANCO™ is designed so that you can mix sizes and types of wood chips as you wish. Thanks to this solution we allow you full creativity during the composition of your own mixtures, adjusting them to your products.

Dry Faster® System

This system has been designed and implemented by our engineers in order to further increase your comfort of using FRANCO™ and thus make the use of the smokehouse more pleasant.The system is designed to, among other things. Improving air circulation inside the smokehouse, thus speeding up individual stages of smoking, such as drying and cooling of meats. It allows you to easily makeDry without smoke products such as fruits, mushrooms, meat, cheese and more.


The innovative construction of the fireplace has been designed so that you can use any woodchip available on the market and even use self-made woodchips. The smoke generator is easy to use and clean. Its location outside the smokehouse is safer for the smoked products. The chips will burn in the fireplace for up to 4 hours, giving you time touse them for other activities.

Easy to use smokehouse

The solutions used in FRANCO™ have been designed to make the smoking process as simple and intuitive as possible. FRANCO™ Smokers are designed to make it fun and easy for anyone of any age or skill level to operate.

Smokehouses for years

In an era of “at a moment’s notice” products, we went against the grain by creating a product that lasts for years. Durable and solid construction, made entirely of thick brushed stainless steel, durable and human-neutral rock-wool insulation and other applied solutions give you over 80 kg* of durable equipment that will serve you for many years.

*80kg – FRANCO™ Giga

drainer® system

The Drainer® liquid drainage system is a solution designed for your convenience associated with easy cleaning of the smokehouse after smoking and hassle-free disposal of moisture created by condensed liquids. It is an innovative solution that drains excess water and fat to the outside of the unit, which can occur when smoking large quantities of products.

Patented solutions

Our engineers have spent many months designing the solutions used in FRANCO™ smokehouses so that your comfort is as high as possible. In addition, these solutions affect the electrical safety, durability and reliability of the smokehouse.

Highest quality materials and workmanship

Our priority was to create a smokehouse of the highest quality, which will serve you faultlessly for many years. We have accomplished this by, among other things. Thanks to the use of highest quality materials and components which are certified to meet stringent safety and quality standards.

Stable temperature

A constant temperature is crucial throughout the smoking period, so we used natural rock mineral wool insulation. Insulation and construction of the smokehouse, allows you to maintain the temperature set on a precise digital controller. Thanks to these solutions the smoking process is stable and repeatable. The heat stays in the smokehouse and any temperature fluctuations are insignificant.


Insulation – what effect does it have on the smoking process?

One of the most important issues, yet still neglected by manufacturers of smokehouses is the insulation of equipment.

Why is this important?