FRANCO™ premium garden smokehouse


Combination of modern solutions with traditional and proven method of smoking with wood chips.



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Premium with DRY FAST drying system


The FRANCO™ Premium Series Smoker has been enhanced with the Dry Faster® system which:

  • allows products such as fruit or meat to be dried;
  • speeds up the drying stage, without using smoke;
  • speeds up the stage of cooling products after smoking;
  • improves air circulation inside the smokehouse.

The FRANCO™ Smoker allows for cold, hot and warm smoking with BBQ browning capabilities, plus:

  • Its construction and interior are made of brushed stainless steel;
  • smoking chamber has triple insulation, which allows to maintain the desired temperature;
  • innovative design of the furnace, gives the possibility to use different sizes and types of woodchips;
  • is equipped with Driner® system, which is responsible for draining excess fluids from the smoker;
  • has an intuitive-to-use digital controller that allows you to set the temperature with an accuracy of 0.1°C;
  • The use of wood in the housing gives the smokehouse a timeless character;
  • innovative location of the chimney at the back of the smokehouse, protects against the most common problem with the chimney, namely the condensation of tar on the smoked meats.

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FRANCO™ Premium Medium

  • Dry Faster™ System
  • Compartment volume: 110 l
  • Input approx: 15 kg
  • Overall dimensions: 71 x 60 x 101 cm

FRANCO™ Premium Large

  • Dry Faster™ System
  • Chamber volume: 210 l
  • Batch approx: 25 kg
  • Overall dimensions: 82 x 69 x 111 cm

FRANCO™ Premium Giga

  • Dry Faster™ System
  • Chamber volume: 290 l
  • Loading approx: 30kg – 40kg
  • Overall dimensions: 94 x 69 x 121 cm

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