Stainless steel smokehouse grille

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GIGA stainless steel smokehouse grille for smokehouse

Large smoking grid made of stainless steel, Which can be used as a shelf. Smokehouse grille polecan be used for smoking and drying e.g.: fruits, nuts, mushrooms, cheese, fish, etc.

The density of the mesh limits the fall of even small components, the mesh is 20 x 20 mm. The use of stainless steel guarantees safe contact with food and easy maintenance.

Recommended for smokehouses FRANCO™ Premium Giga and FRANCO™ Standard Giga.

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width: 62 cm,

length: 42 cm

wire thickness: 2 mm

The thickness of the front and rear reinforcements: 4 mm.

weight: 780g

Drying net made of stainless steel – safe for food contact

Use: Recommended for smokehouses

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