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Old Polish seasoning

Old Polish seasoning – a blend recommended for dishes typical of Polish cuisine.

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Old Polish seasoning – a taste of old Poland on your plate

A perfect combination of marjoram, pepper, garlic and many traditional Polish herbs and vegetables, Fasanio’s Old Polish seasoning gives dishes a wonderful flavor and rich aroma. The traditional flavor note is enriched by white orchid along with juniper fruit.

Spice of Old Polish cuisine, feel how your great-grandparents cooked

Thinking about Old Polish cuisine, let’s remember that in the past there was a vain search for exotic spices from around the world. The kitchen used what was available. Vinegar, lemon, fruit (including preserves) were added to the dishes to add variety to their flavor. Over time, marjoram, pepper, juniper and mustard were used. It was these ingredients that inspired us to prepare the Old Polish seasoning

How to use the old Polish spice

Old Polish seasoning is recommended for smoking and roasting pork, beef, game and poultry. Add the spice at the very beginning of roasting or braising the meat, or when kneading the mixture, for example, for a pate.


Marjoram, black pepper, white pepper, garlic (contains sulfur dioxide), ground allspice, ground bay leaf, juniper, ground white mustard.

May contain celery, gluten, soy, lactose.

Our spices have nothing in their composition except vegetables and herbs. After many months of testing, we can present original compositions that will enhance the taste of many a dish.

We took care of the packaging with a zipper closure to keep it as fresh and tidy as possible on the kitchen shelf.

The weight of the spices is 100g.

Old Polish seasoning is recommended for smoking pork, beef, game and poultry.

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