Laser cutting
manufacture of sheet metal parts

  • making prototype series
  • making production runs.

Laser cutting of sheet metal parts is a fast and precise way of thermal separation of materials. We offer you a comprehensive service of BYSTRONIC laser cutting with the power of 4kW and working area of 2×4 meters.

We provide laser cutting services for materials:

– black plate: up to 20 mm

– stainless steel INOX: up to 12 mm

– aluminium: up to 8 mm

Laser-cut sheets can perform successfully in virtually any industry:

  • In industry, as machine elements (including corrosion-resistant), conveyors, elements of storage racks, handles, brackets.
  • In gastronomy, as kitchen equipment, elements intended for contact with food, shelves, hangers.
  • In the construction industry, as structural elements, finishing elements (machining), furnace parts, handles, brackets.
  • In advertising, as structural elements of stands, displays, exhibitions, decorations.

We make details on the material provided.

Bending with press brake

A press brake is the primary tool used to shape sheet metal in today’s industry.

We offer you the service of precise sheet metal bending using AMADA CNC press brake, which guarantees high quality and repeatability of bending operations.

The basic parameters are:

  • Bending width up to 3000 mm,
  • Press force 100 tons.


Do you not have a drawing of the part you want to make? We will make it for you.

We can design any part and laser-cut it for you – whether it’s a series production or a one-off. We provide comprehensive CAD design services.

Using the software, we will prepare full 2D (.dwg, .dxf, .dft, .pdf formats) and 3D documentation for your projects.

We can also produce documentation based on existing traditional drawings.

Electrical safety tests

We have the equipment and all the authorizations to measure accurately:

  • resistance of the protective conductor
  • insulation resistance
  • parameters of RCDs
  • replacement, differential and tactile
  • leakage current
  • power
  • power consumption

And testing:

  • IEC cable
  • high voltage (flash test)

We can also select appropriate measurement parameters according to the standards.