We focus on quality

All the advantages of our smokehouses add up to one common advantage, which is QUALITY. Starting with the quality of the components used, through the construction and durability of the device, to the customer service during and after the sale.

Temperature stability of the smokehouse

Temperature stability is crucial during smoking. In order to keep the temperature at a certain level, good insulation of the smokehouse is essential.

The insulation used in FRANCO™ smokehouses is of the highest grade and durability. Fulfills its purpose up to a temperature of almost 600°C, so that smoking takes place at a constant temperature without the need for constant monitoring. The insulation is made of rock mineral wool recommended for equipment operating at high temperatures. Used wood, used on the outside of the smokehouse In addition to its aesthetic qualities, it plays the role of additional thermal insulation. Dedicated gasket used in the door also has the task of maintaining the temperature inside the smoking chamber and minimizing thermal bridges.

benefits of having a well insulated smokehouse

By using the above solutions you gain:

  • a sense of security – during use these materials retain their form – they do not melt, do not distort – so the insulation is durable for all years of use;
  • time – you do not have to spend time at the smokehouse watching the temperature, because the temperature “watches itself”. :)
  • Money – insulation is standard, so you do not have to buy insulation and think about how to ‘add it’ to the device. In addition, thanks to good insulation, but also the patented design and digital controller heat remains inside the smokehouse and the set temperature is maintained and stable, which saves electricity.
  • chamber design – the temperature outside the unit is safe for the user. As our thermal imaging camera tests have shown, the outside temperature on the steel components when the smokehouse is operating is safe. With an ambient temperature of 20°C and a temperature of 120°C in the smokehouse, the maximum temperature outside the unit is 36°C. This innovative solution has been filed with the Patent Office and is currently under review;

    No possibility of spontaneous combustion – while researching the market we encountered a problem with the formation of spontaneous combustion in various smokehouses. The innovative design of the FRANCO™ smokehouse completely excludes the occurrence of spontaneous combustion inside the smoking chamber.

safety of the solutions used

  • innovative location of the chimney – understanding the problems faced by owners of chimneys located on the roof of the smokehouse, we decided to place it at the back. Thanks to this solution, we avoid the effect of “dripping” tar on smoked meats, which directly translates into the safety of consumed products;
  • Additional wire insulation – increases safety beyond the standards imposed by stringent electrical standards;
  • heater – by placing the heater on the back wall of the smokehouse, the risk of burning yourself is reduced.
  • insulation safety – the insulation used is of natural origin, does not emit toxic and carcinogenic fumes hazardous to health.

Our solutions have been confirmed by research and patents granted and in the process of verification.


All parts used in FRANCO™ smokehouses are manufactured from components which have CE certificates, attesting to the safety and high quality of the product.

Brushed stainless steel:

  • is used in the best catering equipment available on the market;
  • does not corrode or rust despite adverse conditions or the passage of time;
  • has superior fire resistance and retains strength and stiffness at elevated temperatures compared to carbon steels*;
  • maintains an elegant appearance – it is matte so that any marks and scratches are less visible and it is less susceptible to dirt;
  • does not reflect light, making it more user-friendly in bright sunlight;
  • easy to maintain – cleaning does not require much time and work.

This all adds up to the high quality of FASANiO smokehouses

* Shek, C. H., Lo, K. H., Lai, J. K. L. (2012). Stainless Steels : An Introduction and Their Recent Developments. Bentham Science Publishers.

Digital temperature controller

The digital controller is simple to use, intuitive yet precise. The purpose of the controller is to control the temperature inside the smokehouse chamber. With this device in FRANCO™ smokers, you can set the temperature on an electronic display. Jego’s technical advancement allows for high precisions of the smoking temperature up to 0,1°Cwhich significantly affects the smoking process.

FRANCO™ – Smokehouse for years to come

High quality materials that will last for years


The entire interior and structure of the smokehouse is made of stainless steel – the safest material for contact with food, and also very durable and resistant. Stainless steel is a material neutral to humans, does not absorb odors, and does not remain on it discoloration. It is very easy to clean – it can be washed with stainless steel detergent, washing up liquid and running water or in a dishwasher. It’s incredibly convenient to use.

Warming up:

The smokehouse has received the highest quality and durability rock mineral wool insulation with an additional layer of aluminum that reflects heat rather than absorbing it (fireplace wool). In our opinion, it is the best solution for insulating a smokehouse, whose excellent strength parameters are over 500°C. Proper insulation keeps the heat inside the smoking chamber and minimizes the formation of thermal bridges. This keeps the heat inside the smokehouse and thus saves electricity. It is also invaluable for cold smoking, where the stability of the smoking process is also very important. In addition, an important aspect that guided us in the selection of insulation is its impact on the environment and on humans. Rockwool, as the name implies, is made from volcanic rock, or nature. It has no chemicals in it, making it neutral to all living organisms.


We also made sure that all the details used in the smokehouse were of the highest possible quality. Starting with the parts that cannot be seen with the naked eye, which are inside smokehouses as electric solutions, and ending with the ones you can see on the outside like the switch, the power cord or the handle of the smoker. All components used in FRANCO™ are CE marked and all have been selected for the highest possible quality and durability. All components of our smokehouses are produced in cooperation with Polish companies, which in total employ over 300 people.