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One of the most important issues, yet still neglected by smokehouse manufacturers is the thermal insulation of the equipment smokehouses. Why is this important?

Exactly the same reasons why we go outside warmly dressed during cold weather. Overcooling of the body, brings with it unpleasant consequences, and the same is true for inadequate and unstable temperature during smoking. When products are not provided with the right and stable temperature during the process, there is a high risk that they will not be smoked well or even completely unfit for consumption. We will lose a lot of time and energy, probably also nerves, not to mention finances. That’s why the thermal insulation of the smokehouse is so important!

Why is temperature consistency in a smokehouse important?

When smoking, our products should be at a constant temperature, no matter if we choose to cold or hot smoke. If temperature differences occur in individual parts of the smoking chamber, e.g. a higher temperature at the heater and a considerably lower temperature at the door, which can be caused by different external conditions (e.g. wind, low external temperature) or by thermal bridges, the corresponding smoking level occurs in different products at different times. A very undesirable effect is the different levels of smoking of the products after the process is completed. Since we cannot be sure that every piece of meat in the smokehouse has the same temperature and level of smoking, it is more difficult to predict what kind of products we will get during subsequent smoking. This misses the point a bit in case we want to hone our skills or repeat, at the request of our loved ones, specific wares.
It’s nice to hear that “that Christmas ham of yours” is something you look forward to all year ???? .

How did we solve this problem in FRANCO™ smokehouses?

A well-insulated smokehouse provides a consistent temperature level in all parts of the smokehouse. In FRANCO™ this level is stable, among other things. thanks to the insulation used. There are also practically no thermal bridges, i.e. “holes” in the insulation through which heat escapes, for example at the door frame or in the corners of the chamber. By using a uniform layer of insulation on all sides, including the top and bottom, and an appropriate support structure, i.e. a structure that “binds” all the parts together – the inner and outer parts – we have minimised thermal bridges in FRANCO™ which translates into a stable temperature level throughout the smoking process. What’s more, the heat retention also results in rapid heating of the smokehouse, which further saves time and energy.

There is another important point that should persuade you to buy a well-insulated smokehouse. In an insulated electric smokehouse there are no temperature spikes, so water vapor does not condense on the interior walls and does not settle on the dried meats. Steam buildup can make smoked meats sour and unpalatable, and possibly even land them in the trash.

Thermal insulation for smokehouses – the most important aspects

Let’s summarize the advantages of having an insulated smokehouse:

  • quick heating time of the smokehouse
  • homogeneous temperature in the whole smoking chamber without large jumps caused by thermal bridges
  • stable temperature throughout the smoking period
  • no condensation on the surface of sheets and products
  • repeatable products that you can show off time after time
  • ease and enjoyment of use

What causes a lack of thermal insulation in a smokehouse?

  • Continuous watch over the process and constant control of the temperature inside the smokehouse in its various parts
  • condensation of water vapour on the walls of the smokehouse and on the smoked products, which results, among others the sour taste of smoked meats
  • rapid cooling of the smokehouse if the furnace goes out
  • difficulty in preparing a repeatable, good quality product without extensive smoking practice

To sum up: your products will be just like your smokehouse.

You can have repeatable, delicious and well-cooked smoked meats every time without years of smoking experience, or despite many hours of practice have different results every time that you can’t always show off.

The products you create with FRANCO™ help can be of the highest quality thanks to you and our technologies.

The choice is up to you.

Photo: FASANiO® own resources