We bet on health

FRANCO™ outdoor smokehouses minimize food contact with harmful substances

Self-smoking is a lifestyle we create consciously, taking care of what is one of the most important values in our lives, that is our HEALTH. In FRANCO™ smokehouses, the process of wood glowing takes place in a combustion chamber next to the smoking chamber, into which only the heated smoke generated during the process is forced. By placing the hearth next to the smoking chamber, the safety of smoking as a method of food preservation is maximized. Such a solution causes the amount of potentially harmful substances to penetrate food to a much smaller extent than in other solutions offered on the market, in which the distance between the source of smoke generation and the products is smaller or the combustion occurs inside the chamber. The greater the distance of the products from the source of smoke produced, the lower the amount of PAHs, without affecting the quality of the smoked products.*

* Guillén, M. D., Palencia, G., Ibargoitia, M. L., Fresno, M., and Sopelana, P., 2011, Contamination of cheese by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in traditional smoking. Influence of the position in the smokehouse on the contamination level of smoked cheese. American Dairy Science association.

We smoke with wood chips

Patented solutions allow the use of any chips available on the market or made by yourself

As many smokers, as many recipes and smoking methods. This demonstrates the unlimited possibilities in preparing your own products. Therefore, respecting free choice and understanding the need for independence, we give you the opportunity to create your own woodchip compositions. In FRANCO™ smokehouses you can use wood chips of your own making or any wood chips purchased from your own supplier. This saves you from purchasing expensive wood chips dedicated to specific equipment.

For those who value convenience we offer chips of deciduous trees such as alder or beech, but also fruit trees such as plum or cherry. All of the wood chips we offer are made from carefully selected, healthy trees. They are free of fungus and mold. The woodchips are subjected to a drying treatment at a temperature of approx. 600ºC, so they have the right moisture content for the smoking process – 10% (+/- 2%). The chips are well dusted and carefully sorted so that you get only the best possible products. It is also important that the woodchips we offer have all the necessary approvals and certificates from institutions allowing them to be marketed. When you choose our wood chips, you choose certainty.

Easy to Maintain

Garden smokehouse design and materials used make it easy to clean

Smokehouse just like any device in contact with food should be cleaned after each use. FRANCO™ smokers are designed to make every step of use as comfortable as possible. Therefore, both the quality of the materials and the design keep maintenance to a minimum. Parts that require cleaning such as the interior, shelves, and smoking grids are made of stainless steel. This material, besides being recommended for food contact, has the advantage of being very easy to clean.

The smoking chamber also made entirely of stainless steel can be easily cleaned with warm water and liquid using a dish sponge, and the shelves and other materials are dishwasher safe. All solutions have been thought out to make it as easy as possible for you to take care of your smokehouse. Parts that require maintenance are easily removable and the material used allows for quick and trouble-free cleaning.

Easy to use

Designed for comfort

FRANCO™ Smokers are designed for all smoking enthusiasts, whether you are an advanced smoker or just starting out. Solutions have been thought out to make it as easy as possible for you to operate the smokehouse, making smoking an intuitive, simple process and a source of great satisfaction.

Caring for your convenience smokehouse requires minimal maintenance, has no unnecessary components or complicated parts. After starting up and setting the temperature on the controller – your task will be to add woodchips if necessary and check the progress of each stage from time to time.

We prefer to simplify rather than complicate, so even the included user manual shows you how to use the device step-by-step in an easy and illustrative manner. No undue hardship.

Your time is important to us.

Personalisation of the smokehouse

Do you like FRANCO™ smokehouses, but would you like your model to have a different finish or additional technical solutions?

We are open to your ideas – each smokehouse can be personalized to individual preferences.

We can make a difference for you:

  • species of wood – the smokehouse can be finished with a different type of boards
  • color – we can paint the smokehouse in a different color
  • number of shelf supports
  • chimney length
  • a finishing touch, e.g. a plaque with a name or dedication, e.g. “Darz Bór!” or “Wędzarnia Zbyszka”.

If you would like to change/add something in the technical design, our team of engineers will be happy to suggest, advise and, after discussing the details, design and implement possible solutions.

Patented solutions

Quality and innovation confirmed by patents

Our engineers, having worked for years in international companies, are the authors of many innovative and useful solutions that still exist today. Their knowledge and creative potential has been fully exploited in the development of FRANCO™ smokehouse. Thanks to patented solutions, the construction of FRANCO™ smokehouse is unique on the market, while maintaining much higher safety standards than required by the standards. A registered industrial design confirms the unique appearance of our smokehouses. All this testifies to the introduction of unprecedented solutions in FRANCO™ smokehouses.

Exclusive design

Beauty and elegance integrated into the garden and terrace

From the very beginning of the development of FRANCO™ smokehouses, we had a clear vision of achieving a high level of aesthetic finish in our smokehouses.

We wanted the device produced by us, apart from its intended function, technical innovation and safety, to please the eye and to look beautiful on every terrace. The use of cool-looking brushed stainless steel and light raw wood gave the intended effect of eco-design aesthetics.

Our products are designed to meet the high demands of our customers from every angle. Also the aesthetic ones.

drainer® drainage system

When smoking a large amount of products, it is possible for excess liquid to accumulate in the smoker. We solved this inconvenience by introducing a system designed to drain excess fluids to the outside of the unit. This liquid flows into a special container, which can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher thanks to its stainless steel design.

Additional system advantages:

▪ Makes cleaning the smoke chamber easier and faster;

▪ The location of the container under the smoker, in an easily accessible place, makes it possible to quickly remove and empty the excess liquid.


The hearth in Franco™ is an innovative design by our engineering team. It has been placed on the side of the smokehouse, thanks to which the process of burning wood chips takes place outside of the smoking chamber, and only the smoke itself is forced inside. You can control the amount of injected smoke by means of a control located on the side of the fireplace. Size and thus the capacity of the smoke generator is very large. One batch of woodchips is sufficient for approx. 4 hours of smoking. The innovative design allows you to use any size piece of wood, even simultaneously. In addition, it allows you to freely mix wood chips from different types of trees. There is an ash pan under the smoke generator that can be easily pulled out and cleaned. In addition, the p
alenisko can be quickly and easily emptied of
and can also be dismantled if necessary, e.g. for washing in the dishwasher.