Manufacturer of FASANiO® smokehouses

We are a Polish family company with 100% Polish capital. Our production is located in the south of the country in the technologically advanced capital of innovation – Rzeszow. All components of our smokehouses are created in cooperation with Polish companies, which in total provide employment for more than 500 people.

Our goal was to create a product that combines tradition with modernity. We combined our own passion for gastronomy with technological knowledge acquired over the years and family traditions.

We cannot imagine a Polish table without home-made smoked meats, therefore in cooperation with world-class engineers we have designed devices which combine: safety, reliability, modernity, quality and beauty.

As the manufacturer of the FRANCO™ smokehouse, we have created an innovative product on the market with which we have redefined smoking.


Witnessing the fast growing trend among the population towards self-production of food and high requirements in terms of product quality, we have created a device that meets the expectations of the most demanding and conscious customers.

We welcome the return of homemade food production and processing methods. Thanks to the increased awareness of all of us as consumers, we pay more and more attention to the products we buy and their ingredients, putting emphasis on buying healthy products. We also observe how, returning to tradition, it becomes fashionable to bake bread, make cheese, pickle or traditionally prepare preserves in jars. There is also a growing interest in smoking in this trend.