Perfect smoking every time

Functionality, innovative solutions and economy are the hallmarks of the FRANCO™ Premium Smoker – it’s also about ease of use and full control over the smoking process. To increase your comfort of use and save time the Premium series smokehouses are equipped with a system Dry Faster®The main task of this system is to speed up the smoking stages, such as drying and cooling of the sausages. The system also allows you to dry products such as fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and meat. With Dry Faster®
Jerky-style beef
comes out delicious every time.

FASANiO® freestanding electric smokehouses are ideal for smoking and drying a wide range of products. Stainless steel guarantees many years of use, easy cleaning and a very aesthetic look. The FRANCO™ Home Smoker allows cold smoking, hot smoking and
hot with simultaneous roasting (BBQ up to 150



Beauty, elegance and modern solutions in one

The FRANCO™ Standard is an electric smokehouse with an innovative hearth that allows you to use any wood chips. Engineered and patented, they provide unparalleled temperature stability that can be set to within 0.1℃ on a digital controller. All FRANCO™ smokehouses are equipped with a liquid drainage system
All FRANCO™ smokehouses are equipped with a liquid drainage system, which drains the liquid dripping from the smoked products into a convenient container located outside the smokehouse. It is made entirely of stainless steel so that it can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. The entire interior and construction are made of

brushed stainless steel

– food safe material.

The FRANCO™ Standard Smoker is a guarantee of successful smoking every time.


Smoking accessories are a range of products dedicated to the FASANiO® brand electric smokehouse. They facilitate and support in the smoking process. These products are practical, and their wide selection allows for a variety of prepared foods.

The quality and materials of the accessories guarantee a long life and easy cleaning. Accessories are designed to make use and installation hassle-free.

We offer:

Smokehouse shelves – made of stainless steel, recommended for smoking fish slices, cheeses, or cuts of meat. Various widths are available.

Smoking grids – recommended for drying or smoking small products.

Wooden rods – traditionally made of wood.

Steel rods – made of stainless steel. Their star-shaped design features high strength and rigidity.

Covers for the smokehouse – the materials used allow for excellent protection against external factors while allowing ventilation.

With Fasanio® accessories you don’t have to adjust e.g. the size of the fish to the shelf, just the shelf to the size of the fish.


FASANiO® smoking chips, are prepared from the highest quality wood of fruit and deciduous trees.They complement our offer, so that you can comprehensively supply the products needed for smoking in one place.

The smoke obtained when wood chips burn is the heart of the entire process. It fixes food, further preserves and extends shelf life. It is made from wood chips and is the magic ingredient that gives smoked meats their characteristic aroma, color and flavor.


Spices & Herbs is an integral part of the culinary arts. They make the dish acquire unique taste qualities. To meet your communicated needs, in cooperation with chefs and experienced smokers we have created a line of unique blends. FASANiO Spices® are composed of made from 100% vegetables and herbs. They have no salt, sugar or unnecessary enhancers in their composition. Proprietary blends The ingredients have been matched so that the composition creates a perfect whole, which will emphasize and enrich the taste of your meals. Each spice is packed in up to 100g ziplock bags. Thanks to this solution freshness will be preserved for a long time and alsoThe quantity is sufficient for several smokes.